Streams & Ponds

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Small Residential

Small ponds and waterfalls are the most popular among home owners. Water on Marrs could build a pondless waterfall in the front yard or a Koi pond in the back. Ponds and waterfalls transform an ordinary yard into something spectacular and inviting. The look and sound of a waterfall and pond next to your back patio is relaxing, great for entertaining, and can even increase a home's value.




Medium Residential/Commercial

Medium sized ponds and waterfalls are for homeowners and business' who really want to make a statement. As a homeowner, a Medium pond or waterfall really becomes the focus of the landscape. A business can benefit from an eye-catching waterfall that could enhance sign-age or liven up an otherwise uninteresting building.


Large Residential/Commercial

Large lakes and waterfalls are for homeowners and businesses with lots of land! A Large lake is great for swimming and boating, while a Large waterfall or stream can add drama and change an entire landscape. Large lakes and waterfalls can take an estate, family ranch, horse property, or even business development, and transform it into beautiful parkland!



Land Development

Extra-Large lakes and waterfalls are for land development. Extra-Large lakes and waterfalls are great for swimming, boating, fishing...heck- water skiing! These lakes and waterfalls are here for generations to come, changing more than the landscape, they change the environment; plant life, wildlife, even the migratory patterns of birds! How cool is that...

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