Our Services

Design Evaluation

We offer a design evaluation of you proposed fountain addressing:

  • Programming needs
  • Aesthetic objectives
  • Functional / operational engineering
  • Material and product specifications
  • Maintenance requirements and projections
  • Energy consumption


Design Documentation

We offer professional design partnering to owners, architects, landscape architects, interior designers, general contractors and others. Our documentation includes;

  • AutoCadd based plans and integrated specifications
  • Integrated electrical and mechanical plans
  • Coordinated computer animation for water dynamics, musical choreography and lighting effects



Following documentation approval we will produce your fountain through the process of:

  • Scheduling for production, shipping, delivery and installation
  • Material and component product acquisition
  • Fabrication of component parts for shipping and assembly
  • Per plumbing and wiring with control panel installation
  • Initial testing and operational certification prior to shipping
  • Finishing and packaging for job site delivery



With a complete evaluation of our client’s project needs, we partner with a fountain contractor that meets our rigorous evaluation and the specific project criteria. These evaluations include:

  • Site evaluation
  • Costs, budget criteria and design tolerances
  • Delivery scheduling and installation criteria
  • Project coordination with general contractor, sub-contractor and owner
  • Installer financial and insurance capabilities



Following project operational verification we offer:

  • Maintenance packages coordinated with fountain functionality
  • Testing standards and specifications for third party maintenance
  • Instructional check-out for third party maintenance
  • Maintenance manual for operational effectiveness


Energy Analysis

As energy needs and costs continue to escalate, we assist our clients in evaluations and recommendations for energy conservation on existing, modified and new fountains. These functions include:

  • Variable rate pump programming
  • Computer controlled operations inclusive of time and weather variations
  • Hydrodynamic pressure design, pump sizing and value specifications