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Ballerina Nozzle

Standing as if on pointed toes and gently swaying to an unheard rhythm, the Ballerina nozzle dances for you in a mesmerizing private show. Similar to our Bursting Stars nozzle, the Ballerina’s two-tiered display differs in that the vertical cone swirls softly hula-style, with an off-center tilt.
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Bursting Stars Nozzle

A galactic explosion in progress. The birth of a distant star or supernova. A meteor impact on a far away world, or sun spots perhaps. Whatever its pretty, subtly powerful display reminds you of, the Bursting Stars nozzle brings the heavens to earth in a two-tiered, lively pattern destined to win as best effect in a water feature.
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Candle Jet Nozzle

Like columns of liquid sentries standing watch, welcoming visitors and passersby, the Candle Jet nozzle produces a pillar of dense, full, foaming, icicle-like fountain effects that pulsate proudly as if ready to burst with reserves of immense power.

Cascade Nozzle

The Cascade Nozzle is the single most popular effect used in commercial and architectural fountains through modern times. They can be used in a wide variety of ways to achieve spectacular effects. Whatever your plan or inspiration calls for, the Cascade can probably fill the bill.
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Churner Nozzle

Evoking images of a moving tree made of constantly changing white water, the patented Churner nozzle gives off an extremely dense, full, foaming and frothy spout that centers the view and draws attention to the water feature and its own unique appearance. Add underwater illumination for a singularly stunning statement.

Comet Nozzle

An almost limitless range of interesting effects and patterns can be achieved with our Comet nozzle. Used as a single jet, or in groups, or in concert with other nozzle models, the Comet’s single, clear stream, glass-like effect can easily be configured to spray inward from the perimeter, or outward from center, and is most often incorporated into spray rings and bars.

Crystal Arch Nozzle

The patented Crystal Arch develops the unique massive single tier arching water pattern. The multi-channeled nozzle produces individual water trajectories that expand to form prismatic liquid crystals many times larger than the original cleat streams.

Crystal Cone Nozzle

Personality, poise, and charm. As far as beauty contests go, the Crystal Cone nozzle exhibits delightful, dancing properties with its vivacious, animated, single-tiered pattern.
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Dancing Jewels Nozzle

Like a peacock bedecked in feathered spender, the delicate, playful, and delicious three-tiered display of our Dancing Jewels nozzle promises to dazzle.
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Dome Jet Nozzle

For an effect that almost brings incredible ice castles to southern climes, the majestic, powerful and proud plume of the patented Dome Jet nozzle is destined to take center stage as the show-stopping star of your water feature. The Dome Jet’s multi-channeled nozzle produces a single, massive vertical water column that culminates in a rounded dome-like appearance surrounded with misty, cascading rain

Frothy Nozzle

Like liquid lava or an undulating glacier, the Frothy nozzle is the center of attention in any water feature, whether ramped up with power or downplayed and subtle. The Frothy effect is created by a high quantity of air entrained in the water stream, giving you a foamy effect like none other.

Geyser Nozzle

The Geyser nozzle is a water and air entraining venturi type, which augments the effect by adding water volume from the pool and aerating the mass. This method provides a heavy punch with moderate aeration to increase visibility. Compared to the Cascade nozzle, visibility is greater because the entrained air gives a roiling, white water appearance.

Heavy Water Crystal Arch Nozzle

Like fine crystal goblets by day and golden lava streams at night, the patented Heavy Water Crystal Arch develops a unique, massive, single-tier arching water pattern.

Hollow Jet Nozzle

Breathtakingly dramatic vertical water plumes soar to spectacular heights with our Hollow Jet nozzles. Visible over a wide area, Hollow Jet plumes put on a show of their own simulating the captivating beauty of Yosemite’s natural geysers.

Royal Crystal Arch Nozzle

A more delicate display than the Heavy Water Crystal Arch, the patented Royal Crystal Arch has a refined, pretty, almost fragile appearance suitable to its name. The arching pattern of this nozzle is lower than its heavier counterpart, lending itself well to interior applications where a gentle effect is called for.

Silver Arch Nozzle

The Silver Arch develops a unique single tier arching water pattern. The multi-channeled nozzle produces individual water trajectories that expand to form prismatic liquid crystals many times larger than the original clear streams.
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Sky Cascade Nozzle

Depending on the wind, light, and other factors, the patented Sky Cascade nozzle produces a range of fantastic effects, calling to mind a rocket contrail, hot steam geyser, or the spectral visage of a tall, veiled woman. Visible over a wide area, the Sky Cascade’s vertical, frothy spout and returning veil of cascading rain provides a focal point to landscape design and draws attention to what would otherwise be a still-water pond or lake.

Special Fog Jet Nozzle

Like an ethereal, mystical mist embodying a spiritual vision, the Special Fog Jet nozzle brings imagination to life with soft, benevolent character. Full and nearly translucent, the effect of the Special Fog Jet is just opaque enough to mask the background slightly, bringing the foggy mist to the foreground while maintaining an almost coy presence as if trapped between two dimensions.

Special Heavy Water Arch Nozzle

Excellent light reflecting properties are the hallmark of this popular Special Heavy Water Arch. This nozzle belongs front and center in any water feature, and exhibits solid pattern stability even in moderate wind conditions.

Special Sky Cascade

For unbelievable height and grandeur, the Special Sky Cascade nozzle reaches peaks like a soaring skyscraper. In calm to light wind conditions, the effect of the Sky Cascade is a delightful contrast between the awesome, towering monolith of frothy water, and the cloak of its nearly surreal falling veil.

Special Narrow Trumpet

Give your pond or lake its own horn section with our Special Narrow Trumpet nozzle. Simple yet elegant in its carefully crafted visual statement, the Narrow Trumpet makes both visible and audible music with its narrow, circular tier of spiraling lacy white water.

Special Trumpet

With its wide, misty, transparent quality, our Special Trumpet nozzle sets the stage for a pleasant, pastoral, peaceful water show. Similar to our other trumpets, this nozzle also presents the visage of a bugle bell pointed skyward, but with a unique translucence that captures rainbows in its joyful spray.

Special Trumpet Geyser Nozzle

Like our Special Trumpet Jet nozzle, This Special Trumpet Geyser gives you two water effects in one: the soaring height of a vertical plume, and a delicate, contrasting trumpet horn.

Special Trumpet Jet Nozzle

Stretch your fountain feature to nearly unheard of heights. Attract attention from far away, and center the view of your landscape design with the authority  Special Trumpet Jet gives you.

Special Wide Trumpet

Wider still than our other trumpet models, the Special Wide Trumpet nozzle plays on the same musical theme of visual and audible beauty with an understated tone. Like its sister nozzles, the Wide Trumpet emanates a circular spiraling tier of frilly white water — beautiful to look at and listen to.

Trumpet Jet Nozzle

Reminiscent of harbor fire boats on parade, our patented Trumpet Jet nozzle produces a terrific trumpet-shaped, circular tier of spiraling, lacy white water with an additional central vertical column of aerated water that sets the whole effect off.

Vertical Jet Nozzle

With raw, natural beauty, the Vertical Jet nozzle shoots a single column of protesting, perturbed water skyward, powered by 12 individual streams that combine to form the effect of a mountain spring under pressure.
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Vesuvius Nozzle

We don’t call it Vesuvius for nothing. A mainstay of “Dancing Waters” displays, Vesuvius is both natural disaster and natural beauty at the same time, confounding the eye to determine which one of these it really is.
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